About the House

Newly remodeled house in a nice neighborhood on 7th and Empire with 1 available bedroom. House has 4 rooms, 3 rooms are currently occupied by respectful individuals.

Very close to downtown San Jose, VTA stop, SJSU (great for walking/biking to campus), city bike rental station, both 880 and 87 on ramps, and luxurious Japantown!

Free parking on the property and street, whole-house air conditioning, laundry on premises, accessible landlord, shared backyard with fruit trees with outdoor dining area, big shared living room, big sized shared kitchen, lounge area on porch.

About the Residents:

The property itself has 2 units. The main one is where there are 4 rooms(including the one you are interested in). There are 2 shared bathroom in there. There is a unit in the back with it's own bathroom so the main bathroom is only shared by 4 people.

In the main unit:
- A 27yr old man; graduated from SJSU, works full time at Starbucks and Alexanders
- A 22yr old man; works at a staffing agency
- A 23yr old man; student at SJSU and intern at HP, owns a well-trained dog
In the back unit:
- Landlord: A 24 yr old man; attends SJSU
- A 25 yr old woman; currently a law student at Santa Clara university, interns at an Oakland law firm
- 2 husky dogs
*some of us enjoy drinking and smoking marijuana in the common areas.

The Rent:

Rent is as stated on craigslist ad, shared utilities changes depending on season/weather but will end up at about $50/month for everything. Deposit is half of rent, this can be negotiated if you need. We normally do a month-to-month agreement unless you want a longer lease.